Having drained the Amulet with his very life force, Enialis is now serving at the very side of his true master, the Platinum Dragon


During his lifetime, Enialis was smart and charismatic. His magical abilities revolved around healing and light magic. Now that he is basking in the radiance of the wyrms serving Bahamut himself, who knows how he will develop?

When he died, he was 3rd level dragon shaman (gold) / favoured soul (Bahamut).

One thing is for sure, Enialis will return to the Prime Material Plane, several times in all likelihood, to help his friends. But his journeys to walk back among mortals are bound to be very brief, as his true home is now Celestia.


Enialis was my PC in the precursor game. He met his untimely end while trying to remove the Amulet of Bahamut from the neck of the undead kobold lord. The kobold couldn't have known it, and neither could Enialis. But this simple gesture turned a powerful artefact into a worthless round stone.


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