Character Generation Races and Classes

Races and Classes

The world has changed. Magic is different, and classes and races are more likely to be aligned.

Humans tend to not practice magic – it is an alien, black art, sinister and treacherous. If they are dabbling in the art, they are paladins, trained to use magic with permission of the Church for the greater good of mankind, wizards (usually self-centered power-freaks, constantly running the risk of over-stepping the mark) or sorcerers (whose magic is innate, albeit often totally alien to their fellow humans). The more militant classes – fighter, paladin, rogue, cleric, monk etc are more common among humans.

Elves tend not to go for fighter classes. It contradicts their generally peaceful nature. Rangers, druids, clerics are all fairly common. Barbarians and monks are conceivable, fighters and paladins very rare. Ekven wizards are masters of the art, and knowing the dangers of the art much better than humans, they are more competent overall. Sorcerers do exist, too and are revered for their knack with magic. Elves may live inside human kingdoms, but usually shun all contact with strangers.

Half-Elves – are capable of either heritage, but are distrusted as the heritage of treason.

Half-Orcs – are almost never classed as any magically competent class. Those very rare exceptions are almost exclusively druids and sorcerers. Then again, half-orcs, and orcs are not often seen in the first place.

Dwarves, Gnomes, Halflings – are unknown to exist in the area where the campaign starts. Maybe they tend to live underground. No one knows.

Character Generation Races and Classes

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