History Background

The world has changed, ever since the rise and ultimate fall of the evil god Azeeridin, at the climatic end of the war of gods. The collected efforts of humanoid and monstrous deities has come at a hefty cost to all: The world has changed, and for hundreds of years, the gods left the mortals to their devices. And for many centuries since, the human kingdoms have lived in peace, but a very strained one, tolerating, but often not more than that, the Elven settlements within its borders.

Magic, once common among many races, now is usually found among the reclusive, but pacifist elves. Some rare but powerful monsters too wield magic, notably among these of course would be the dragons. All magic, it is said comes from the gods, the Elven gods chiefly. And like the gods, magic is fickle – more than before perhaps. It is a raw, archaic force to admire in awe and respect, lest it consumes one in its unleashed fury.

Human gods seem to have disappeared, and over time, humans have resorted to worshipping but the one God. A distant god, since he does not apparently grant magical powers directly. The Elven sages however do hold quite adamantly that He is honouring pacts made in the war of gods, and faithful to that agreement, magic powers are granted by the elven gods to those individuals.

The human Church looks after her faithful, but of course some of her children are more equal than others. It has a tolerating, but suspicious view on magic as a whole, but knows full well that without the use of magic, it could not possibly survive against the threats which linger on after the fall of Azeeridin. The Elves, too accept that without the humans and their broader military skills, their magic would grant but a brief reprieve.

It is said in the legends, that should such evil ever threaten to rise again, valiant heros who sacrificed their lives to either prevent Azeeridin from rising, or to ensure his downfall would return to join new heroes.

History Background

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